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Used Clothing Closeouts

Used Clothing Closeouts

We offer used clothing closeouts in bulk. These bulk used clothing closeouts loads normally ship overseas but they can be sold anywhere. Used clothing closeouts are a very economical way for many to stretch their buying dollar even further. These clothes are usually in surprisingly good condition with a lot of life left in them. It’s a necessary part of the supply chain and we fill it. Used clothing closeouts can be quite profitable and some our customers base their entire business on this type of merchandise.

Bales of Used Clothing

used clothing closeoutsTruck loads of Used Apparel at great prices. We have many different mix pallets of used clothing. These loads are sold in bales. Bales include a mixture of women’s, children, and men’s apparel The bales are sold by the pound. Contact us for special pricing.

Used Clothes

used clothing closeoutsWe have a major selection of mixed Used Clothing available at discounted prices. We have many mix pallets of shirts, pants, shorts, jeans and more of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. Selections by seasons Winter/Fall or Summer/Spring. There bales are approx. 1000 lbs. and they are as low as $0.35 per lb.

Used Clothing & Shoes

used clothing closeoutsWe have the Best selection of used clothing and shoes loads at discounted prices. Loads are set with a great variety of include tops, pants, shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, sandals, sneakers, casual shoes, boots and more. Selection includes top grade mixture of women’s, children, and men’s used apparel and shoes at $0.85 a piece with minimum purchase.

Baled Jeans

used clothing closeoutsGreat selection on baled jeans. Bales include name brand and/or no brand jeans by grade. Jeans inspected so there are no rips, tears, missing buttons or broken zippers. Selection for men, women and children. Your cost is as low as $1.25 per piece.