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Paint Loads Closeouts

paint loads closeouts

Paint Loads Closeouts

paint loads closeoutsAAA Closeouts Network has been a leading supplier and reseller of paint load closeouts for well over two decades. We only deal with high quality paints directly from the major national retailers and hardware stores. These paint loads closeouts are “mistints” that are mixed in the store by the retailer. When the color doesn’t match the customers request, it is classified as a “mistint”.

Not only does the retailer have to refund the full purchase price to the customer, but they also can’t sell the paint to another customer. Their only option is to sell it on a closeout basis as a “mistint”. These “mistakes” cost the retailer thousands of dollars per month in lost revenue. But you can take advantage of the retailers misfortune by buying these “mistints” for pennies on the dollar. Call us today for the latest available inventories and prices.

Paint Load Liquidations

paint loads closeouts
Explore all of the current Special Offers for all of our deals on paint loads closeouts. These paint
loads closeouts are store returns and recycled paints. May also contain some overstock. A huge variety of Interior & Exterior paint loads closeouts and finishes too.

Current loads contain 3850 Gallons, 275 gal per Tote. Please contact us for availability and price!