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Domestics Closeouts

Domestics Closeouts

Domestics closeouts make up a substantial part of our business. They are extremely popular because these closeout domestics loads are full of high profit items that our customers love to sell! They have proven to be consistently profitable for many of our customers.

Department Store Domestics Loads

domestics closeoutsGreat combination of Surplus and Overstock domestics closeouts from Major Department stores. Let us customize your load with a combination of linens, sheets, bed in a bag, pillows, bathroom accessories and much more. Contact us to find out more information on our vast selection. Contact us for availability & prices.


Department Store Towels

domestics closeoutsGreat mix of Overstock and shelf pulls towels at great prices. All merchandise is from Major Department Stores. Sold by the pallet or truckloads. Great for any home or business, such as hotels and resorts. Do not miss out on our great deals, Order now!



Overstock High End Brand Name Domestics

domestics closeoutsWe have overstock domestics closeouts by the truck loads. Pallets may include a mix of high end linens, sheets, bed in a bag, pillows, bathroom accessories and much more. Brand name domestics that include all of the famous names syou know and love. Truck loads starting at $15,000! Great for retailers.


Department Store Bedding & Bath

domestics closeoutsWe carry an assorted variety of bed and bathroom accessories. We have all your domestic needs from bath towels, pillows, blankets and comforters, to bed sheets, quilts, pads and shower curtains. An assortment of overstock, shelf pulls and customer returns. Call for availability and pricing.