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Dollar Store Closeouts

dollar store closeouts

Dollar Store Closeouts

If you’re searching for dollar store closeouts and merchandise, look no further. AAA Closeouts Network is a leading wholesaler of dollar store closeouts items. We supply small and large deals on dollar store closeouts. By the pallet or by the truckload. Choose from a massive selection of top quality dollar store closeouts at rock bottom prices.

We have been supplying top quality dollar store closeouts to our worldwide clientele for over two decades. The great selection and profit potential of these dollar store closeouts make them extremely popular. Top selling items from all categories of dollar store closeouts. Our dollar store closeouts are incomparable! Call us today for updated availability.

Dollar Store Merchandise Liquidations

dollar store closeoutsThese loads includes a combination of utensils, plates, bowls, pots, pans, oven mitts and more!! Major selection of loads of kitchen items and home accessories. Retail value range from $0.99 to $5.99. Your cost is as low as $22,000 per truckload! Call us for complete details.


Dollar Days Closeouts

dollar store closeoutsDollar Store Merchandise Closeouts. Includes a huge selection of mixed items such as: Kitchen Utensils, Knives Sets, HBA’s, Canisters, Plates, Bowls Plastics, Toys, Baskets, and many more dollar store items. Overstocks, shelf pulls and customer returns. Your cost is as low as $595 per Gaylord box. Min. Order is 3 pallets.


Dollar Merchandise Truckloads

dollar store closeoutsGreat profit potential in our dollar store merchandise!! Assortment of paper products, costume jewelry, beauty supplies, fashion accessories, gift-ware, and general merchandise. Sold by truck load approximately 40-48 pallets. On Sale Now!



Dollar Merchandise

dollar store closeoutsWe have assorted pallets of party and holiday items that are perfect for discount stores! All different designs include: birthday, baby, graduation. Also holiday available like Christmas, 4th of July and more!!! Grab them while they’re hot! Contact us for pricing and details.